Mr Ding Xu

Non-Executive Chairperson – MA, BA

Mr Ding Xu holds a postgraduate degree in Public Relations Management from Tongji University. 

Mr Xu has gained extensive experience in strategic mining investment when he worked as the Manager of the Department of Strategic Development at China Metallurgical Geology Bureau (CMGB). Mr Xu had developed multiple large projects, such as the Shuijingshan Mountain Mining programme, during his tenure as the General Manager of Guangxi Xubao Mining Investment Co., Ltd.

Mr Sitong Wu

Executive Director and Acting CEO – BSc

Mr Sitong Wu, majoring in Resource Exploration Engineering, gained his undergraduate degree at Jilin University in China.

Mr Wu is a very capable expert at prospecting (or exploring) minerals. He had successfully assisted in identifying high-value orebodies when he worked at Altay Zhengyuan International Mining Co., Ltd. As an expert technician who works in the Department of Geology and Technology in Zhengyuan International Mining Co., Ltd., he had taken part in various geological exploration and mineral development projects. Meanwhile, he has been in charge of evaluating the underlying economic value of different mining projects. 

Mr Yicheng Zhang

Non-Executive Director - BA, BSc


Mr Yicheng Zhang holds double degrees in Business Management & Information Technology from University of Technology Sydney, after finished his secondary education at The King’s School in England. 

Mr Zhang has gained extensive experience in mining industry when he worked in Western Australia and successfully facilitated the deal to acquire VDM Group, a mining service provider in trade and construction. As the General Manager of Geolord Investment Group, the family enterprise, Mr Zhang has invested and developed multiple large property projects in Sydney, Auckland and Christchurch. Meanwhile, as the General Manager of Chonwin International business department, he is in charge of all business development and investment for the group in Australia, New Zealand and PNG.

Mr Colin Robert Mackay

Independent Non-Executive Director - MA

Mr Mackay holds a masters in Economic history from Edinburgh University. He began his career in Hong Kong as a financial journalist, (SCMP and Asian Wall Street Journal), a commodities trader (Bear Stearns Bank) and a stockbroker (Berisford Cresvale) specialising in resource stocks.

During the 1990s, Mr Mackay became Managing Director of Westminster Fund Management Gmbh, a company investing European capital into start-ups and small companies in the Asia Pacific region. During this period Mr Mackay successfully acquired several small ASX-listed shell companies, including Aquarius Platinum, Lonestar Resources, and Magna Pacific Holdings and financed and co-developed them until they were all bought out at a substantial profit.

Mr Jian Liu

Executive Director and Company Secretary – MSc, BSc
Jian Liu has a Bachelor of Science in Geology from the Ocean University of China and a Master of Science in Project Management from Lancaster University, UK. He is a geologist who has been involved in the Chinese, Australian, African, and Southeast Asian exploration and mining industry for over 10 years. He is particularly knowledgeable about exploration and has experience in company management, strategic planning and investment.

Before joining Zeus, Mr Liu worked as Managing Director for Zhonghe Resources (Namibia) Development (Pty) Ltd, a subsidiary of China Uranium Corporation (CUC), and as Global Investment Project Manager for CUC, a subsidiary of China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC). CNNC is one of the top state-owned enterprises in China and oversees all aspects of China’s nuclear industry.