Mortimer Hills Project

Exploration licence E09/2147 is located in the Gascoyne Mineral Field of Western Australia approximately 290 kilometres east of the town of Carnarvon and 50km southeast of Mount Augustus.

E09/2147 is situated in the Gascoyne Province at the western end of the Capricorn Orogen. The project area covers rocks of the Proterozoic Morrissey Metamorphic suite and late stage granitoid intrusives. The Morrissey suite consists of metamorphosed pelitic sediments (quartz-muscovite-biotite+-garnet schist) and quartzite enclosed in large migmatitic areas, with limited amphibolites. The granitoids are mostly adamellite, with strong occurrences of pegmatites. 

The major feature of the regional geology is the Ti-Tree Syncline, a sheared outlier of the extensive Bangemall Basin to the North, juxtaposed between metamorphic rocks of the Gascoyne Complex. Rocks of the Gascoyne Complex have been intruded by numerous granitoid suites (now forming prominent domes) with contact metamorphism along their margins. 

The basement rocks are unconformably overlain by Permian sediments (sandstone, siltstone and tillites).

                                                      Figure 1 – E09/2147 Location on 1:250,000 Topography